The Sculpture ‘Marmite’ Question:

What do you love?

Bruce McLean, Eye I
Bruce McLean, Eye I, coloured steel, Broadgate, London EC2 (photo: © Bruce McLean)

What do you hate?

William Kentridge & Gerhard Marx Firewalker
William Kentridge and Gerhard Marx, Firewalker, 2014, painted steel, Sculpture in the City 2016, Bishopsgate, London EC2 (photo: Rana Begum)

Rana Begum replies:

For a while I drove past Firewalker* on my way north from London Bridge and because I only saw it from the back, I always had the impression that it is a horribly gloomy structure, cobbled together. It’s a shame that it only works from one viewpoint.

I love the fact that the structure’s bolts and fittings are visible in all their crudeness, but couldn’t they poke a small child’s or drunken adult’s eye out! I’m surprised because usually public work has to be scrupulously careful about safety.

A bit further down the road, things take a more colourful twist. Bruce McLean’s beautiful, steel sculpture brightens my day whenever I pass it. The towering, brightly-coloured face structure stands its ground proudly against grey suits, grey buildings and grey skies. I love how it changes with the light and the angle you are viewing from. And the colours never seem to fade!

*no longer on display.