The Sculpture ‘Marmite’ Question:

What do you love?

sargeant jagger artillery memorial
Charles Sargeant Jagger, Royal Artillery Memorial (detail), 1925, Hyde Park Corner, London SW1

What do you hate?

australian war memorial
Janet Lawrence (artist) & Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (architect), The Australian War Memorial (detail), 2003, Hyde Partk Corner, London SW1

Michael Sandle RA replies:

For unrivalled excellence I would have to choose C.S. Jagger’s Artillery Memorial – and for complete vacuousness the Australian War Memorial nearby – one communicates a great deal of relevant information about the Great War and delivers it with a powerful emotional punch because it is so well drawn – I particularly admire the figure of the Driver leaning back with a marked unmilitary pose and looking sardonically down on the passers-by which chimes with what Siegfried Sassoon wrote about the contempt soldiers in the trenches felt for civilians because they hadn’t the remotest understanding of the horror and hardship that they – the ordinary soldiers – had to endure. The other one looks as if it has been cooked up on a computer and communicates very little.