The Sculpture ‘Marmite’ Question:

What do you love?

Comedian and actor, Griff Rhys Jones with polychromed wood statue of Summer,

What do you hate?

bench with Churchill and Roosevelt
Lawrence Holofcener, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Old Bond Street, London

Griff Rhys Jones replies:

My personal favorite is a folk art sculpture which I first saw in a shop window in Bath. It represents Summer and was paired with a statue of Spring, two of the Four Seasons. I didn’t buy the statues at the time, but they continued to haunt me. Then, about 20 years later I was in the Olympia Art Fair and there they were again. They are great examples of traditional British folk art and now they are in my hallway, marking the beginning of the journey into my house, which is utterly full of sculpture, well, sculptural objects. I have a whirligig, the prow of an Indonesian boat and a big collection of masks. I partly chose my house because it has the space to display my collection and now its chocker – it gives me a great deal of satisfaction!

A sculpture I have always found banal is the Roosevelt and Churchill bench at the top of Old Bond Street in Mayfair. The bench itself would be more useful without the bronze representations. Alas, the two great men don’t leave enough room for anybody else to sit down!